Icehotel's New Ice-Carved Suites

Icehotel #29- Art Suite 'Spruce Woods' by Christopher Pancoe & Jennie O’Keefe. Image by Asaf Kliger.jpg

We’re excited to announce that the iconic Icehotel in Swedish Lapland has opened its icy doors again for another winter season, featuring (as always) an array of amazing ice-carved suites. In total, 34 artists from 13 different countries around the world spent an intense couple of weeks in Jukkasjärvi, creating the 29th annual incarnation of the ephemeral hotel, made entirely our of ice and snow from the free-flowing Torne River that runs alongside Icehotel.

One of our favourite creations this year is The Living Ocean Suite designed (and built) by British father and daughter duo Jonathan Paul Green (a TV production designer) and Marnie Green (London-based art student) and depicts an eerie underwater world inspired by the effects of climate change and overfishing with ice-carved corals, shells, sharks and fish. Other designs include a vintage VW camper van, a giant ice-carved Phoenix, the icy Aurora Borealis, a flock of frozen birds, a candy shop and a room bursting with icy flower blossom.

This weekend also saw the operation of Discover the World’s first direct #IceFlight of the year, with eleven to come between London Heathrow and Kiruna (20 minutes from the hotel) until March 2019, making the hotel accessible in just over three hours from the UK.